We offer edgebands in different width and thickness for Egger, Thermopal, Kronospan, Pfleiderer, Formica, Merino etc products. There are a variety of colors and materials from which you can choose from and one of the newest and most special techniques available is the three dimensional (3D) technology where a transparent acrylic is used and a lacquer finish is applied. Also a printing technology is available, which enables to achieve the desired tone and gloss. It is also possible to make edgebands based on a sample.

The range of use for the ABS and PP edgebands is extremely broad because one can use them for office furniture, kitchen or bathroom furniture for they are resistant to blows as well as to mechanical and thermal conditions. Chlorine-free synthetics is used.
The PVC edgeband is produced with a reliable and one of the most durable synthetics in the furniture industry – polyvinyl chloride, which is nowadays more and more frequently used in areas in which wood, clay and concrete are traditionally used.
Döllken has a goal to produce edgebands according to the client’s wishes so the company offers thousands of different colors, tones and patterns. To pick the most fitting one for you, please contact us to make the experience even more professional and quick.

Additional information can be found on Döllken’s homepage.

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