We are the representatives of Henkel Aquence, Technomelt, Loctite, PurmeltAwuko and Tece trademarks in Estonia.

About Us

HendorEst OÜ is an Estonian company based on private capital, which started its activity in the year 2006. At first the company was just a reseller whereas today its the franchisee of the products of Henkel Aquence, Technomelt, Loctite, PURmeltAwuko and Tece in Estonia. HendorEst OÜ offers its products to a variety of consumers: furniture industries, wood industries, stair industries, window and door industries, building industries, boat and yacht industries, glass processors, metal processors, paper processors, leather processors etc.

Henkel is one of the biggest companies of the adhesive industry in the world. They have achieved this thanks to their on-going research and development process, using the best ingredients, careful everyday quality check and high standard transporting requirements.

HendorEst OÜ tries to add a fast, technical, compatible guidance. Henkel has provided us with the help of their laboratory and technical counselor.

The products of Henkel and Awuko are highly respected in the European market, providing high quality and match the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. A lot of their adhesives have different certificates. Our target is to help the customer find his product out of the wide range of products we provide along with professional guidance, help and counseling. The best collaboration can only happen in good trust and communication. Those are the two main qualities we possess along with the top notch quality adhesives.

Tece’s mission is to offer the customer the widest possible range of products. Thousands of different colours, tones, patterns and styles are available for preselection. If you don’t find what suits you best among that selection, a unique edgebanding will be created based on your sample. To make the process of choosing and/or creating one more professional and efficient, get in contact with us!

Riepe is the world’s market leader in producing quality chemical cleaning products. The company has tight co-operation relations with Henkel and Döllken and different edgebanding machine producing companies. The product variety is in constant and persistent development.

HendorEst OÜ wants to thank his current partners and welcomes new companies to a pleasant co-operation.


Thanks to excellent cooperation with our clients today, HendorEst OÜ has been handed the European Union Responsibility Certificate and Successfull Estonian Company 2014.

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